Play Massage 2 in 1 – Soothing


Enjoy as part of a soothing massage and can also be used as a lube for intimate areas.

  • Safe to use with Durex condoms




Play Massage 2 in 1 is soft, smooth and silky and is gentle enough to be used all over the body as well as intimate areas. It’s also non greasy and fragrance free.

Durex presents the Massage Moods collection. Play Massage 2 in 1 contains Aloe Vera, known for its skin soothing properties and perfect to enhance your massage.

Our specially designed bottle also has a unique massage applicator for further enhanced experience.

This product is certified as a medical device in the European Union under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC by SGS CE0120, exclusively for the indication vaginal dryness & intimate discomfort. Other non-medical uses ascribed to this device are not within the scope of CE certification, and users should be aware product performance and/or safety has not been evaluated by SGS for those purposes.


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