Pleasure Mix 4pc- 2 Delayed Condoms +1 Super Studded And 1 Warming Gel Condoms

Klimax Condoms
  • An assortment of our four condoms in one pack.
  • Ideal for couples who want to experience different pleasures every time.
  • The pack contains 2 Delayed Condoms, 1 Super Studded +Double Contoured, And 1 Warming Gel condoms, to give couples different pleasures.
  • Prevention of HIV/Aids, STI’s (Sexually transmitted Infections) and unwanted pregnancies.
  • Electronically tested.


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Product Description

Pleasure mix features an assortment of our most pleasurable condoms to provide a sensual excitement for both partners every time. Pleasure Mix, is the mix of 4 amazing pleasures, 2 Delayed Condoms, 1 Super Studded+ Double Contoured,  and 1 Warming Gel; experience a choice of different pleasures from delay, contoured, super studs to warming. Now feel a mix of quality and pleasure in one pack only. Pleasure mix ensures highest level of protection against STI’s and unwanted pregnancies.


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